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Hustle Butter

Hustle Butter is great, a little goes a long way. It's petroleum free which is fantastic. The only major concern is that it does contain Mango, so if you have that allergy, don't use it.It can be a little greasy honestly, so make sure to rub it in really well when applying. If opting for the puck over the packets, remember to wash your hands first! Any germs you put INTO the puck, stay and multiply before you end up applying them to your tattoo. You can find this easiest on Amazon.



While this product absolutely does have petroleum and mineral oil in it, one of our artists prefers it to other products. As with the Lubriderm, most of us are starting to phase this out in favor of better petroleum free products. We encourage you to use what feels best for you. If this is the one, you can find it at any major retailer. Opt for fragrance free as always.


Lubrider Sensitive Skin

Lubriderm has a little mineral oil in it, for this reason many artists are steering clear of it now. If this does work best for you, however, go ahead and use it! Available at any major retailer.


Black Market

Petroleum free as well, and packed with yarrow and comfrey. This is a wonderful combination for healing in tattoos. Our only gripe is the cost to product ratio. Still get rave reviews about them no matter what. Definitely one to try. You can find this easily on Amazon.

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