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We are open and operating, but due to Covid19 being airborne it's difficult to ensure maximum safety for our artists or high-risk clients.

That's why we are offering clients who are high-risk another option.

One of our artists is also high-risk, they are checked regularly, they do not go out to eat. Their household is on major lockdown, they get all their food and supplies either delivered or use grocery pick-up. 

What does this mean for our other high-risk clients?

  • We will host our high risk day 48 hours after the shop becomes dormant, so that we know there is no safety concern with lingering viral particulates in the air or HVAC system.

  • We can offer safer PPE options.

  • You will receive a specialty mask at the door, since everyone there is high risk, we take no chances with less than ideal masks.

  • Healthier handwashing options.

  • No removal of masks within safety zone.

  • Same sterile environment we offer all the time.

  • Seven day quarantine and supervision after each high-risk day. 

  • Screening at the door and before arrival.

  • Current Covid19 who certificates.

We take no chances with your health, or with ours. We will endeavor to host this option until it's safer to operate normally. We will endeavor to stay up-to-date on all the current information from the WHO.

Follow the link below to the Risk Assessment, where we will estimate your level of compatibility with the first wave of clients.

Warning: Too many skipped questions can result in your assessment being thrown out. 

We will contact you with the results as soon as we are able. Thanks for your patience and participation!

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