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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your inks vegan?

Yes, we use vegan inks and we have the ability to make the tattoo completely so if requested.

How old do you have to be?

18. The law in Washington is very clear, even with guardian consent, you cannot be tattooed unless you are eighteen.

What kind of ID is acceptable?

A state ID, a passport, any photo ID that includes your picture and birthdate, that isn't expired.

Can I drink?

Drinking thins the blood and clouds the decision making process. Avoid it the day before and the day of your tattoo. We can't legally tattoo you in the shop if you're tipsy faced.

Can I bring my pet?

No, health department laws stipulate only service animals can attend the studio. And if they are not trained to ADA standards both you and the animal will be asked to leave.

What should I wear?

Best bet is go for comfort. Ask your artist for specifics when it comes to the type and location of the tattoo you're getting. 

What should I bring?

If you're in for the long haul, we recommend a blanket, something fun (a book, tablet, headphones, etc.) a drink, some snacks, whatever you need to be comfy.

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