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December 13th

Preholiday Flash Event



Our flash is specially designed for this one event, it will be displayed all day, and you will not get any advance preview of the designs. It's a surprise, we get really excited to make this event fun for you guys and the surprise is a big part of it!


Rules for Friday the 13th flash:

  1. No Substitutions, it says what it says and it is what it is. No changing around.

  2. No enlarging the design. Yes, we can reduce it to fit where you need it, but not all of them.

  3. BE 18 OR OLDER

  4. If there is a wait, sign in, and provide us with your cell number. We will call you when we are ready, you have 15 minutes to show. Muahahaha

  5. These designs are only for today, you’ll probably never see them again. Choose wisely!

  6. No pictures of the flash sheets, or videos. If we catch you, we will take your phone and throw it as hard as we can, if it survives...well you can have it back. If it doesn’t, well you can still have it back. 

  7. One per customer, or the price changes to our hourly rate.

  8. By signing your name in the Book, you are consenting to these rules and signaling that you understand them.


There are several restaurants locally:


Delicious bistro just next door to the shop, adjacent to the Twin Rivers Brewery.

-Twin Rivers Brewery

Next door to the shop, has the same food as Adam's, it's just more of a "tap room". They are willing to stay open as long as we need them to. 

-Las Tres Marias

Delicious Mexican food and FABULOUS margaritas

ATM Locations:

-Jeno's Italian 

Two blocks from the shop


Two blocks from the shop

-Several Banks Along Hwy 2 just a few moments from Inkblot Collective, and two BECU locations.  One in Safeway and one in Fred Meyer.

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